an update on all projects

Most of the emails coming in as of late are questions about the status of upcoming projects. Here are all the updates:

Scalene, the new album from Dies is out. You can get it from my webstore or from amazon mp3. You can also download a free 3 song sampler via Come&Live!

The 2007 album from Dies: Aesthetics of Violence has been released for the first time through iTunes and amazon mp3. Physical copies are out of print and there are no current plans for a re-release.

My new novel An Edict of Worms—the sequel to Nevada—is still in the editing phase and running slightly longer than expected but on track for a January release. Pre-orders will be announced in the coming weeks.

An announcement about my next book is coming soon.

Issue #2 of The Black Meat has been suffering a terrible delay due to complications with the artwork, which is out both mine and Patrick’s hands. Issue #3 is completely finished and will follow issue #2 when it is finally finished.

Issue #2 of Remission has been delayed because of Kyle’s (our artist) very busy schedule. It’s coming.

The book about horror movies that Patrick, Landon and I had planned on writing has been inactive for a few of years now. No current plans to move forward with it.

Knife To Meet You has two new songs. One about Jaws and one about The Fly. No current plans to record or perform any time soon.

The Thieves Guild seems to be dead or hibernating. I text Reese about it a couple of months ago and he insisted the band should live on, but I’m not sure how a band in a coma lives on. The good news is, with Five Iron returning we’ll at least hear something new from Reese. Patrick and I will either put the songs we’ve written in a vault to await the unlikely day Theives Guild might stir, or we might turn those songs into another project. They are good songs.

Showbread has announced our new album will be called Cancer. The concept and lyrics are both written and the music is being drafted daily. It is the biggest project we’ve ever attempted. We’re talking to Sylvia about returning to the studio early 2012 for a release shortly thereafter through Come&Live!. More announcements about the album, its release and fundraising are all coming soon.

Just about all the other emails i get are questions about or debates over theology stemming from conversations going on here or at Showbread’s formspring site. We are currently looking for an adequate and healthy outlet to funnel all those discussions into.

Also, Abi and I got a big Christmas tree.


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