did you pre-order this yet?

8 thoughts on “did you pre-order this yet?”

  1. I would LOVE to pre-order this but it appears that there is no shipping to Canada. Why is that? Do you only ship to in the States?
    I’ve bought your books, music, and the “How Showbread Ruined My Life” dvd and those all shipped to Canada. Why is this different?

  2. yes i “pre-ordered” thing is it supposedly shipped out a while ago. all other info says it wont be released for a while. so ive been confused. i know in the end ill get it but i want it now!

    1. Have you got the dvd yet?

      Mine was shipped on the 24th of March and the reciept said it should only take 15 days. I’m international (Canada) so it might take a little longer.

  3. I really want to pre order, But. Now the site has sorted out the international shipping aspect, it appears I cant seem to get around the AVS credit card aspect… so until I can get someone to asnwer how I do this, Sorry Showbread… I wont be able to purchase… I have asked on the store site, but no asnwer, I see now that others are also having this issue… so hopefully another option (paypal) might be there soon?

    1. I ordered a couple copies just the other day and the credit card worked fine. I used Visa so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

      Can’t wait to get it!

  4. Maybe the VISA aspect, have tried that but still same option… am hoping they give paypal as a way of payment… not sure what I’ll otherwise…

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