top 10 super heroes

5 thoughts on “top 10 super heroes”

  1. Love this list, I really like the reason why Captain America is #1 on both of your lists and I was just helping out at New Hope (a kids place where I volunteer) and the one little boys was wearing a Captain america shirt…Go Captain America

  2. i loved this post,, guys!
    i love superheroes, but, like patrick said,
    some of the old ones are worth of re-reading.
    who’s gonna draw you guys comic book series?
    if i can help in any level,
    would be a pleasure!(check out my art on the website)
    God bless, keep it up!

  3. Great lists guys. I’m glad to see that the Marvel Universe dominates most of them. But, I’m terribly saddened to see that Ghost Rider was not in this list. One of my sure favorites in the comic book world. New Deadpool’s are bomb.

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