josh’s top 10 albums

8 thoughts on “josh’s top 10 albums”

  1. You sould do top 20 most strange but enjoyable comics!!!! Or just top 10 comics. What ever!!…..:)

  2. Manson makes your top 3? Interesting.

    I actually enjoyed AntiChrist Superstar for its technical merit… I pray for Mr.Warner often.

  3. The inclusion of Genesis is nice to see, and honestly unexpected on my part. I remember rocking out to the video for “I Can’t Dance” with my mom and older cousins back in the early 90’s, as much as a 5 or 6 year old can rock out. Not to mention Pearl Jam, U2, and Shakespeare’s Sister.

  4. Great list. I was actually at a used music/game store yesterday and picked up Pinkerton because of this list. I’ve enjoyed Weezer’s hits a good deal, but have never bought an album before now. The initial listens of the record haven’t disappointed. Thanks for the list.

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