the big showbread news

5 thoughts on “the big showbread news”

  1. That made me cry…
    Josh you have touched my heart 🙂
    You have inspired me so much..
    Thank you for shining light in a dark world..
    And now shining that light for free 🙂 lol

  2. My dedication and love for you guys has just been boosted from 100% to 200%. For me personally you guys have helped and encouraged me in a variety of different ways.

    Josh, you were the one who inspired me to write and because of that I have been writing poetry, short stories, and lyrics.

    I personally think it is ridicules that a band as good as you guys would do such a thing. I will not take your music for free but because there isn’t much of a choice I will definitely give a donation.

    This act truly shows were your hearts are at. May God bless you!

    Know that I am praying for you.

    In Christ,

  3. Just puh-lease, puh-lease put your best effort into getting a halfway decent studio to do your albums. A lot of the stuff Come&Live puts out has crappy quality. I’ll listen to you guys either way (I know the music will be fantastic), and I support this decision one hundred percent. I just don’t want to see Showbread’s potential killed by a poor studio.

  4. Then I’m way excited to see how this plays out. It’s a revolutionary idea. Every time you guys do something this far out there, it seems to work out in fantastic ways.

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