josh’s top 10 sitcoms

9 thoughts on “josh’s top 10 sitcoms”

  1. i thought it was weird when you said your not a fan of lost or the office, because those are my two favorite tv shows of all times.
    oh well, love the fresh prince and cosby show 😀

  2. The Simpsons and Fresh Prince.
    Although, I’m an addict to USA. House is fabulous along with NCIS & Law And Order: SVU. Word, brothah.

  3. Well, this is quite convienent to find, because I’ve been talking to people about the best sitcoms ever. I even searched it up and found a Top 100. But, I must say I’ve been disappointed by many people and now this post, that very little people like Home Improvement, the best sitcom ever.

  4. Aww, I grew up watching most of these, especially Threes Company and Who’s The Boss. I also loved Growing Pains and Family Ties. I agree with you about tv dramas, can’t really get into them either. Great list! 🙂

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