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  1. There is such I fine line, it seems to me, between the viewing/listening/reading/etc. of various kinds of art for understanding, and for titulation. It is difficult, for me anyway, to always have the right motive to contemplating art, especially art made by those that aren’t believers.

    Do you or did you at one time find it difficut to read authors like Ellis or watch Romero movies or listen to artists like Trent Reznor with the mind of Christ actively engaged? What was/is the process like?

    1. I agree that such a line must exist, but that it does in varying degrees of size for each believer. For my mother-in-law, a Christian more interested in cooking and crafting than in the “arts”, little edification is found in film or in novels and her “tolerance” (for lack of a better word) for said arts to delve into dark areas of a fallen world is very low. For myself, someone who’s calling lies within the “arts,” such mediums are of great use for my intellectual, philosophical and creative development, though always scrutinized beneath a lens of Christ Jesus. At the end of it all, not every non-Christian work of art is as sinister and inherently psychically detrimental as we’ve often been led to believe. There are alternating ideas with alternating motives, and a follower of Christ stands firm in his or her faith while being humble, open minded and respectful of others and never abandoning his or her own beliefs. Atheist and agnostic folks seem to have less trouble with this than we as Christians have often had.

      In 1 Corinthians 10:23-32 Paul discusses the freedom of the believer as well as our responsibility to avoid stumbling other believers, even though the acts that cause stumbling are often not sinful in and of themselves. “Everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial.”

      For me personally, God’s gifts functioning in secular artists have often been of great benefit, for instance, Trent Reznor (ordained by Christ with a gift for music) chooses not to use his God-given gift for God, and often it against Him. My faith in Christ can not be shaken by song lyrics or swear words. I observe a work for what it is, my own theology intact, and absorb what is of use to me while acknowledging what is not, and leaving it there.

      But even I am aware of my own personal line. As I mentioned, I skipped certain sexual segments of “American Psycho,” though I felt I understood their inclusion in context, I saw it as of no benefit and potentially damaging, so why bother?

      Understanding our own minds in Christ is important. God used Nine Inch Nails to inspire me to write music and authors like Ellis to inspire me to write novels and then used said music and novels to accomplish His goals. That said, every believer has a different “in but not of the world” purpose that involves different intellectual and spiritual dispositions.

  2. I’m a fan of Trent Reznor and Bret Easton Ellis. Christ has had zero influence over me so I have always been able to enjoy each with an open mind. It hasn’t turned me into a miserable, depraved person so far. I’ve managed to be a happily married, fully-functional, non-serial killing / non-Satan worshiping individual.

    What an odd comment.

  3. Josh you are a person i highly respect, though i do disagree sometiemes with you. i agree “bad” films can be beneficial. As PAul says everything is permissible not all is beneficials.

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