art from Nevada

12 thoughts on “art from Nevada”

  1. wow, I didn’t picture that, I guess I expected it to have more humanly features, but it makes perfect sense! I’d hate to give birth to that thing. Ew!

  2. I always kinda pictured the llapasllaly looking like one of those shadow monsters from the legend of zelda, but more ominous and with big yellow eyes. this is a good rendering of one. 🙂

  3. I’m halfway done with another of Belial in full on Pope robes and hat, wearing his warpaint, and carrying his serpent scepter. I’m hoping it turns out well.

  4. Pretty dang close indeed. I just pictured it with a baby’s face. Not sure why. I don’t remember if it was supposed to have a baby’s face or not. haha

    1. humanoid mandible, binocular shaped skull, sharp teeth. I kept nevada open to the paragraph describing it when I was doing the art. Apparently it’s worked so far, haha.

  5. regarding the Llapasllaly ,
    it gives me chills
    like the nasty, horrid chills one gets when happening upon something long dead
    I think it totally captures a strong sense of hopelessness and i find myself repeatedly staring back at those darn yellow orbs
    love it lol

    1. thanks! I found the trick was not to give it malevolence in the way that is traditionally shown, with angry eyes or an expression of hate. Instead I tried to convey with it’s downturned mouth and emotionless gaze a complete sense of nothingness. Like if you stared at it too long you’d get the idea that this creature was devoid of everything even remotely right. There’s something hellish in that concept that I loved in the book.

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