book of the week

3 thoughts on “book of the week”

  1. Interesting choice. I attempted to read this book a few years back. I’m generally pretty good at handling tough subject matter but for some reason couldn’t get through this book.

  2. was it too descriptive, or just a very rough subject matter? my public library doesnt have it so I’m wondering if its worth it to go out of my way to find it and buy it

    1. I think it was both. It’s been a while since I’ve picked it up. You know how some books just set a certain tone that serves as the vibe for the entire book? This one just weighed really heavily on me to the point of causing me to become really uncomfortable everytime I read it. But obviously others have gotten through and enjoyed (I don’t know if ‘enjoy’ is the right word given the nature of the book, but you know what I mean) it, so I guess it’s all relative. If you look at other reviews on amazon or something, you might be able to get a better idea as to whether or not it’s something you would like.

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