it’s a raw life.

4 thoughts on “it’s a raw life.”

  1. How awesome is our God? He always provides 🙂

    I think we need some more rawness for Christmas. A Showbread Christmas album would be absolutely perfect.

  2. 🙂 I used to not like this movie cuz my dad would make us watch it growing up . But now that I’m older and can truely understand it’s meaning , well it’s a beautiful story something u never see anymore .

  3. another reason why we love you Dies. (turning a movie your not fond of into a reason to reflect on the Lord’s work in your life)

    i continue to pray that you guys are blessed (more spiritually than physically). i remember when Anorexia Nervosa came out, i was in a dark place, God really used that album to show me His love.

    since then. i know i’ve committed to support you guys however i could.

    Be blessed Josh.

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