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One thought on “book of the week”

  1. I took an Intro. To Existentialism class in college a few years back, and the first book we read was Notes From Underground by Tolstoy’s rival, Fyodor Dostoevsky. Now, I haven’t read A Confession, but I have read The Death of Ivan Ilyich. I continue to research comparing/contrasting articles between the two books, but the thing I’d like to impress upon you is to read Notes From Underground. It’s an anticlimactic work based on an anti-hero. It’s dark and nihilistic and very, very awesome. Dostoevsky wrote it right after he was pardoned from being executed in Siberia…but not before he was walked to the firing wall. Imagine the imprint it left on him. Hopefully I’ve talked it up enough to make you want to read it. I think you’d fucking love it. RR4L

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