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  1. Hey josh Idk if u remember me , we met in cali I had the manga ( cartoon ) bible

    Cnt wait for this book to come out . Please if u have the time email me back , I’ve already sent u a couple but yeah there’s things I want to tlk about and get advice from u . Struggling right now .

    But yeah thnx for the amazing books / comics and the free show . If it weren’t for ur music I world be here today .

    Love you
    Ur brother in Christ . Luke 🙂

  2. Saw this ad as I finished the last page of “The Joke that we played on the world” I cannot tell you how excited i am for this book! I was hoping you would write another, after the way Nevada ended.

  3. nevada just blew me away! out of all the books i’ve read thus far (Brett easton ellis, C.S. L., etc,), Nevada is one of my favorites! Super excited for it! i keep checking back at this page to see if we can pre-order it yet haha. good job on the first! im sure the 2nd will be grand!
    thanks for the awesome perspective on the end times,

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