why won’t people be quiet at the movies?

15 thoughts on “why won’t people be quiet at the movies?”

  1. “if your phone makes a sound or even lights up at any time”
    that is harsh!!!!!!!!!
    and i agree agree to a certain extent with the rest, but sometimes it’s fun when there’s lots of people making jokes and such. depends on how seriously you take the film being shown.

  2. That’s fine when you are at home with friends, but these people are completely oblivious to the fact that other people exist. The notion that something is going on outside their mental bubble is unbelievable. It is the same with loud music. When have I ever walked up to you and said, “Hello, I noticed your conversation/ music, and I found it so interesting that I would love it if you might be able to make sure there’s no way that I cannot hear it. Thank you.”

  3. My dad complains when someone lights up. Of course, he makes more noise complaining about the phone then the phone it’s self.

  4. I 100% agree. Especially with movies costing 10 bucks a ticket nowadays. When I go to the theater it’s because I really want to see the movie, not because I can’t wait to hear some other person’s commentary on the movie (or phone conversation, why do people answer their phones in the theater???)

  5. I’ve never been to a movie where people in the audience talked loudly enough to annoy me. It’s usually pretty quiet. I do live in Canada though.

  6. Amen, brother! I’ve had several midnight showings ruined by inconsiderate movie goers. But actually, in my case, it’s been the “nerdy” movies. The last two Spiderman movies and The Dark Knight. I’ve since given up on midnight showings. It’s a shame.

  7. week day matinees are the best. As for midnight showings, here in middle Tennessee we don’t have a problem with that. When the previews are rolling, you can expect jokes and such. When the film starts however, the only noise is reactions to the film (i.e. laughter).

  8. Yeah I agree Completely. I am glad someone already posted something from The Almo Draft House. I have been there once and It was the best theatre I have ever been to. Silence. They even give you a little card so If someone is texting or talking the whole time you can tip off the staff. They give them one warning then boot them out, no refund. It is awesome and nice and silent. People just do not understand respect sometimes I guess.

    Although I will say there have been a few movies when people talking has made the film a bit better. The whole theatre was talking during G.I. Joe but that movie probably needed the help.

  9. I agree so much I can not even express it.

    I went to the midnight premiere of Drag me to Hell, and I was SO EXCITED, finally another horror film from a Rami, and what did I get? A room full of people who could not stop talking to save their lives.

    I sat through the movie, out of pure desire to see it, but I had to see it again a few days later because I was so distracted I forgot what happened in the movie!

    these rules should totally be implemented in theaters EVERYWHERE

    you sir, have my support.

  10. My thoughts on the theatre, are that it is a sacred space, for me. Just like attending a Catholic Mass, which I have a couple times, you learn quickly that as soon as you enter the sanctuary, you shut your mouth!

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