DIES: Scalene

10 thoughts on “DIES: Scalene”

  1. I’m gonna love this.. I freakin love genesis depeche mode and NIN.. Now this might sound demanding but when’s ur book coming out? I love all ur work. Tootles

  2. this is so exiting, i have yet to purchase everything Showbread and josh dies has ever published and released but this looks so awesome, God bless!

  3. I wonder if anyone noticed the cover art’s relevance to the title…thanks for being so inspiring, Josh. Thanks for showing me God’s love, even if you didn’t know it.

  4. actually talons was an ep so it really doesn’t count and neither does the reissue cause it was a bunch of extra covers and reimaginings.

    I’m really looking forward to this huge showbread and dies fan

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