Does Jesus care about animals? (Why I stopped eating meat.)

5 thoughts on “Does Jesus care about animals? (Why I stopped eating meat.)”

  1. Hey Josh, I’m not really responding in regards to what you wrote specifically on this post, however I am intrigued by the subject matter. The real reason I wanted to shoot this email out to you right quick was simply to inquire as to what books you’ve read or sources you’ve derived a lot of your views from politically and doctrinally. While I am inclined to agree with the majority of what you say and I admire the firmness of your outspoken convictions, I’m not informed enough on some of the topics to construct a well versed argument to support being against things like guns and the Calvinistic point of view. Along with those things, I’d like to better understand your views on patriotism and what your definition of anarchy is and how you think our society could operate with that kind of system in place. I recall some of the titles you’ve recommended like “The God Who Takes Risks” and “The Myth of a Christian Nation” but I don’t remember the authors and I’d like to know what other authors or titles you recommend reading for a better understanding of these and other various topics you discuss. To sum it all up, basically I want to raid your library. On another note, I write a lot of poetry and would like to know of writers that may inspire your lyrics or anything else you write. I am typically drawn to darker subject matter so really any book, any genre you could recommend would be much appreciated. All that having been said, I recently published a book of my own poetry called “Whole” and would like to send you a copy if you’re interested, I also have the audio book of me reading and would send that along with it. It’s quite a short one and has 18 poems total, and if at all possible I was wondering if you would be willing to write a short review of it on your site after you read it, and if not that’s cool too. If you do happen to than I will send you the link to the places people can order a copy of my book for themselves. Anyway, thank you for reading this, I look forward to hearing back from you. – Nathaniel Peter


  2. Well said and well written, Josh.
    Although I am not a vegetarian yet (my wife is). I respect your view and how you expressed it. I am still pondering the whole topic for myself. So does this mean no more Mongolian grill??

    1. Thanks, Ryan. Very refreshing (not to mention sensible) response.

      Nothing can keep me from Mongolian, I’ll just nix the meat options!

  3. Josh, do you think the real enemy here is consumerism? As consumers we expect meat to be available at a moments notice, for example, my grub hub app currently offers over 20 restaurants that will deliver meat to my house at a push of a button. Also, there are several grocery stores that I can drive to that will offer just about any meat option I can think of. In order for all that meat to be ready for my consumption there has to be an amazingly large supply of livestock, and a quick and effective way of slaughtering, butchering, and transporting the livestock. I believe this culture is what leads to the mistreatment of animal, and our own askewed view of nature (most kids will not recognize a chicken until it comes in the form of a nugget).

    Personally, this is something I have been struggling with, and I’m glad to read your article because that tells me I am not the only one struggling with it. But I do strongly feel that a Jesus follower can eat meat, primarily because Jesus gave Man dominion over the animals.

    When I was a kid, I grew up on a farm. We had cattle (beef not dairy), poultry, swine, and rabbits. Twice a day we cared for these animals, plus any special attention they needed (like if they were sick). They always had plenty of space, clean water, food, and most of all our respect. Did we eat them? Yes. Did we sloughter them humanly? Yes, well as humanly as you can I guess. But we didn’t kill more then we could eat and if we ran out before the next slaughter we simply did without.

    All this to say, I think there is a right way and a wrong way to consume meats and animal products, I appreciate your stance, thought, and writing on the issue. I look forward to celebrating on day all death is abolished.

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