Read what would have been my Dark Crystal novel…

5 thoughts on “Read what would have been my Dark Crystal novel…”

  1. Good writing as always but maybe you should be working on the movie your fans paid for and not Jim Henson fan fiction.

    1. Dude, I understand your frustration (believe me, I’m one of the guys making the movie), but you’ll have to trust me when I say that this (Dark Crystal) project (and every other non-Cancer project I’ve committed time to) has in no way shape or form robbed any attention or work ethic from the Cancer movie. I.e., I’ve not worked on something else when I should’ve been working on the movie.

      Making a movie with what is essentially a crew of three (sometimes less) is a long, expensive, tedious and problematic process. The folks involved are doing the absolute best they can with the time and resources available to us. Going out of your way to take mean jabs at me here won’t speed anything along.

      Email me at josh (at) showbread (dot) net and let’s talk about how we might work out a refund for you.

      1. Even as fans/supporters of Josh Dies we should zero input in how he chooses to use his time, God gives him the time to do with as he pleases, as he also gives us to do with what we will. (And I know how you feel, I can’t wait for the movie either!) Lets just keep sending positive energy his way instead of thinking he owes us something or that he is accountable to us. On another note, reading Ruin of Innocence has inspired me to check out The Dark Crystal. (I’m only 21 so it was a little before my time)

  2. Honestly, I’m really bummed out that you didn’t win. I love The Dark Crystal…I have fond memories of watching it with my Dad as a kid. I love Jim Henson. I’ve often felt that a lot of Jim Henson’s art has been misunderstood and turned into something it never should have been after his death.

    If someone told me that a Dark Crystal prequel novel was coming out, I would have a lot of anxiety about it. I would be worried it would ruin the magic of the movie I fell in love with. However, if I heard a Dark Crystal prequel novel was coming out that was written by Josh Dies/Porter? I would be nothing but excited. I know you love all things Jim Henson and The Dark Crystal is one of your favourite films. It would have been safe in your hands.

    As far as I’m concerned, you’re the perfect man for the job and they really messed up giving the job to someone else. I can’t wait to read your seven chapters. Thanks for the hard work you put into this. I’m sorry it didn’t pay off.

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