Formation Library

5 thoughts on “Formation Library”

  1. I’ve had most of these books on my reading list for quite some time now because of you. I have Edward Fudge’s newest book on hell (I’ve yet to begin it), but he’s friends with my father and I’ve heard him speak so I know Fudge is fantastic. I think my dad has The Fire That Consumes. Anyway, I’m excited to delve into all of these at some point. Thanks, Josh!

  2. Rob Bell? Dude who practically defies doctrine? Hm… Don’t know about that guy.. What are your thoughts on his view of there not being a hell and his new age meditation tactics?

    1. Hi Joe.

      Please revisit the first couple of paragraphs of the article. My recommendation here pertains solely to Bell’s book Velvet Elvis, which I find to be quite great and take no issue with. I think Rob Bell (certainly in his early years as a pastor/author) was a great speaker, thinker, and author. I found myself agreeing with him less and less in recent years, but I don’t know him personally.

      That said, I’m not sure you have his views right when you mention “his view of there not being a hell.” Bell’s controversial Love Wins book, flawed though it was, certainly and unequivocally espouses belief in an actual hell. Didn’t agree with a lot of the book, but it also had some great food for thought. It’s great to read folks you disagree with!


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