Integrity 101: Stop being flaky.

2 thoughts on “Integrity 101: Stop being flaky.”

  1. I wonder if we Christians have so disregarded the importance of honor/shame in the New Testament (partly because Jesus turned on its head) that we just gloss over passages like Romans 12:10 (by honor, prefer each other). Our culture of “going with what we feel like” incidentally forces us to think that making decisions that are good for us (because they alter our character toward Christ’s in small ways) are bad (because they go against our right now desires). I’m 29. People my age and younger who show up to things or who make plans at all are weird. Life is like the twilight zone. People who make plans hurt the feelings of those who do not plan and those who do make plans need to take a book wherever they go, because somebody won’t show up!

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