Relearning Music I: How I learned to like music again.

7 thoughts on “Relearning Music I: How I learned to like music again.”

  1. Even though you offered “Cancer” for free. It has gripped me deeper than any album has in years. Thank you for pouring yourself into it, my all with God has been and will continue to be, strengthened by it.

  2. What a lovely story–thank you for telling it. I especially like your point about investment, how we might do well to ask ourselves, “What will this music cost me?”
    Easily one of the most important albums in my life has been “The SMiLE Sessions” by The Beach Boys–and it was easily the most I had ever invested in an album, both money & time (namely, how much time I waited to finally listen to it: I made myself listen to nearly a dozen other Beach Boys albums first, spread-out over the course of nearly two years, before I let myself listen to it!). I’ve also got it vinyl, but I haven’t listened to it yet in that form–this post has me excited to finally listen to it!

  3. Joshua, I humbly thank you for this entry. Even though I’ve never met you, listened to your music, or have any basis for an opinion on your personality beyond this post, I feel connected to you. You feel (or felt) what I feel. Your observation, analysis, and guide to liking music again will serve we wonders; it will illuminate the path on my journey back to one of my dearest loves. With sincerity, I thank you for writing this note, putting it in a bottle, and sending it down the river for the lost to find.

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