Why do I continue to reject alcohol?

5 thoughts on “Why do I continue to reject alcohol?”

  1. Great post- I wonder how you feel about various other substances that may put you in some sort of stuper- including the likes of Claritin PM, NyQuil, ect. As someone who on occasion drinks, I can tell you the feeling of alcohol is similar to these things. Does your abstinence from alcohol extend to these as well?

    And what about crack? You didn’t mention crack ONCE in your entire post. Are you pro-crack then?

    1. Valid question, Simon. I have not abstained from the types of over the counter meds you’ve mentioned my entire life (I’ve had NyQuil a couple of times, and I believe a sleepy version of an allergy medicine I can’t recall). Back then, my thinking on the subject wasn’t thorough enough to consider those few instances, but I have sense taking to abstaining from those types of meds anyway, if not for this reason, for others.

      Now crack I can have all day long.

  2. I feel much the same way about why I started wearing a suit and tie to church. I didn’t have to, and no one else but the pastor does. I also do not care how anyone else dresses. I want to.

    I even (for the first time in my life) observed Lent (more or less) this past year. I got comments about the Lent thing assuring me I didn’t have to abstain from video games for a month. There is great value to abstaining from things for the sake of personal discipline, spiritual formation, or as you point out, personal preference.

  3. Josh,

    Even though I personally drink on occasion, I see where you’re coming from. My best friend and pastor is the same way.

    Keep up the posts – always good food for thought.

  4. Fellow teetotaler here. I have had a few sips of alcohol in my life…but they were definite sips because BLEGH. Its nasty. I never gave myself the chance to aquire the taste because alcoholism runs in my family, and I don’t trust myself to not fall into it myself at the hard moments in life. My husband, also, does not and cannot due to his own alcoholism. I don’t understand why people look at us with either pity or like we have three heads, as if the only fun to be had is with a drink in hand. Life can be full, rich, and fun without it, and no headache in the morning 😉

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