body of work

17 thoughts on “body of work”

  1. Josh you’re my hero, everything you do is a work of art. I hope you keep on being an artist that not only inspires me but others aswell. Thanks.

  2. Hey Josh is the spinal cord perception ever going to be released for sale again? I’ve been watching the site about every day waiting on an update on that book.

  3. Read Nevada and it blew my mind. The format was really different and set it apart. I have been loaning this and Spinal Cord to every friend that can read! looking forward to anything you’ll be putting out in the future!

  4. i really love the spinal cord. and just ordes nevada. but many people have asked me where they can get the spinal cord. when will there be more to buy online? im also waiting for talons to be sold on cd online. instead of the download ep. it would be awesome to hear back. me and my fiance both will be praying for you guys.

  5. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Josh is literally the most influential human being in my life, besides Christ of course, but that’s a totally different story. Since the first time I heard Mattathias Replaces Judas I have become an immensely stronger Christian. As time has gone by Showbread and Josh have helped me mold my life into a truer and purer Christian life. I recently read Nevada and was blown away. I will most definately be re-reading it shortly, even though I amidst full time work and 18 units in college. I consider it foundational for my faith! Thanks Josh for all the great things you do and that fact that you do not own the praise but pass it on to God!

  6. hey mr. porter.. i’m a big fan
    you really rock.. We are both CHRISTian and i do admire you as a lead of a very cool band.. wish you’d visit Philippines too..

  7. It was suggested I read The Spinal Cord Perception, and really really want to… but with it being out of print, how can I grab a copy? I know they are only sold here and on tour… and I really really need one!!! Help!

    Love love love always.


  8. I continue to be inspired by everything you do. You show such truth that needs to be exposed that its just…idk stunning. I’m an artist as well and i know that God has given us this gift for one to show God’s truth to society, through good and bad. Praying for you and the band. I love you guys.

  9. Do you have any extra copies of How SHowbread Ruined My life Laying around? I would be more than willing to pay more than what its worth to help support the free tour.

  10. Josh you are an artistic genious you have greatly inspired me in my works of poetry and i find inspiration in all of your works please dont give up on what you do

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