6 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I have just finished reading and thoroughly enjoyed The Spinal Cord Perception. Is there a sequel to look forward to in the future?

  2. I just got an ebook reader and was noticing that the black meat was available as a pdf. And I was wandering if that would be something that you would consider doing for “The Spinal Cord Perception” and “NEVADA”? Personally I would be willing to pay full price (minus shipping) for the convenience of having these works available in this form factor. Also any word on when The Spinal Cord audiobook will be ready?

  3. which of your books are still available and where can I find them? I saw on wikipedia that you have written 6 and a couple comic books.

  4. Please reprint NEVADA!!!!
    My brother is super hard to shop for but I really want to get him this book for his birthday. He loved The Spinal Cord Perception. But when I found out Joshua S. Porter was Josh Dies of Showbread I immediately knew why he wanted the books so badly, and I knew I wanted to read them too. Josh Dies is a genius and I love how he incorporates Christ in such hard hitting ways in the music and I’m sure also in his novels. So please reprint NEVADA both for him and for me, and I’m sure a lot of other people!

  5. I bought The Spinal Cord Perception (and finished it c: ) and An Edict of Worms.
    Waiting on the latter until NEVADA is reprinted!
    I hope it will be available soon?

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